Academic Programs


1.  Programs of Study


1.1.   BS(4 years) in Biochemistry & Biotechnology

         1.1.1.   This comprises 8 semesters (4 years) with a total of 126 credit hours. In the first 4 semesters, Chemistry & Microbiology are taught as minor subjects. In the 4th year i.e in semester VII, students are given the choice to either opt for specialization in Biochemistry or Biotechnology.

1.2.   M.Sc. Biochemistry

         1.2.1.    Two years program under the annual system.


1.3.    M.Phil & Ph.D in Biochemistry & Biotechnology

         1.3.1.     M.Phil / Ph.D in Biochemistry is announced every year in September. Now the entry  to M.Phil / Ph.D program is through NTS qualifying exam. M.Phil degree program comprises two semesters course work of 24 credit hours and 6 credit hours of research / Dissertation and Seminar. Institute of Biochemistry runs regular classes for M.Phil 1st, 2nd semester in the evening.

2.  Eligibility Criteria for Admission

2.1.       BS      (4 years)

             2.1.1.     F.Sc. (Pre- Medical) / A- Levels (with Chemistry & Biology)

             2.1.2.     Written test and interview to be qualified with 45% marks.   

2.2.        M.Sc. ( 2 years)

              2.2.1.     B.Sc. ( With Chemistry & Biology)

2.3.        M.Phil / Ph.D

             2.3.1.    M.Sc. in a Chemical / Biological Science Subjects, along with NTS qualifying examinations

3. Facilities

3.1.     Well-equipped, purpose built laboratories. Major equipments in the Institute include, High Performance liquid Chromatography (HPLC); Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC); Scintillation Counter; Electrophoresis Units; Centrifuges; Spectrophotometers; Furnaces; Autoclaves; Laminar Flow hoods etc etc.

 3.1.1.   Internet Facility. Internet net facility is available in the laboratories.     

 3.1.2.  Computer Laboratory. A Computer laboratory equipped with 25 Pentium 4 units connected to the inter net is available.

 3.1.3.  Teaching labs. 3 well equipped and modern scientific labs along with supporting staff are available for conducting practicals for MSc and BS programme.

3.1.4.   Research Labs. 4 newly constructed labs with all modern facilities and a Central lab with many modern and up to date research facilities are available for M.Phil / Ph.D research.

3.1.5.    Departmental Library. A newly constructed departmental library with  approximately 3000 books and scientific journals is available for the students. 

4. Achievements

4.1.       Our excellence in both teaching & research has been recognized by the quality assurance & the research assessment exercise by the Pakistan Council for Science & Technology.

5.  Future Plans

5.1.       The Institute has already envisioned its 2020 plan whereby this Institute will be strengthened and equipped so that it turns into a full fledged School of Biological Sciences with established setups for:

                   5.1.1.             Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

                   5.1.2.             Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

                   5.1.3.             Biochemical Parasitology