1. Introduction

1.1. The Institute of Biochemistry, was established in 1986 initially as a research Institute entertaining only M.Phil / Ph.D students. Later in 1991 M.Sc. Program in Biochemistry was started. In 2006, BS (4 years) program in Biochemistry and Biotechnology has also been started.
1.2. Biochemistry seeks to understand & explain living systems at the molecular level. It is a scientific discipline that finds applications across the Biomedical & Biological sciences & underpins the Biotechnology revolution. It is developing at a rapid pace and have become an exciting and challenging subject.
1.3. Biochemistry tries to answer questions that are fundamental to life. What are the molecules that constitute living organisms? How are they made & how is their synthesis regulated? How are they organized into cells? How they interact with each other and how is their synthesis regulated? What is the molecular basis of such processes as genetic inheritance, immunological recognition of self & non- self? What goes wrong to cause human diseases such as Cancer, Heart attacks, Alzheimer and diabetes and how can such errors be corrected? This knowledge finds practical application in medicine, agriculture, brewing and biotechnology. Biochemists devise new ways of diagnosing & treating human, animal and plant diseases.

2. Objectives

2.1. To prepare graduates in modern Biological science such as Biochemistry/ Biotechnology who are able to make a valuable beginning to many different careers in their practical life.
2.2. To emphasis research program exploring variety of technically feasible projects having socioeconomic importance, so as to be on the front line in solving our own problems in the area of Biological sciences.
2.3. To provide educational programs which encourage students to think creatively, constructively and to communicate their ideas effectively.
2.4. To foster an environment that promotes learning through quality teaching and research while encouraging mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.
2.5. To provide qualified and focused professionals in the subject of Bio Chemistry to meet the future needs of educational institutes and industry.
2.6. To prepare researchers to meet the needs of industry and research organizations, science and technology.

3. Vocational Job Opportunities/Marketability of Graduates

3.1. Pharmaceutical /food industries.
3.2. Public/Private research Institutes/centers relating to medical and agriculture
3.3. Educational Institutions-College/University level.
3.4. Balochistan at present has become an active of socio-economic field. It is expanding its infrastructure and encourages development of industry. Numerous Food & Pharmaceutical Industries are recently established in Hub. The PCSIR laboratory in Quetta is currently being expanded creating new job opportunities. In the teaching sector, a number of new Universities and Colleges in Balochistan are offering opportunities to Biochemistry graduates. At National level also, research in Biomedical Sciences is attracting attention.